16-038679 Burglary 2290 N. Congress Avenue 21:10 hours
Victim advised at approximately 1720 hours he secured his belongings including a wallet containing credit cards in a gym locker at 24 Hour Fitness. The victim retrieved his belonging at approximately 1830 hours. A short time later he learned that four credit cards had been removed from the wallet after he was notified of fraudulent charges on his credit cards. Further inspection of his luggage lock revealed small scratches and damage to the lock. No other theft reports at this location were taken at this time.
16-038717 Shots Fired 1331 S FEDERAL HWY #525 00:22 hours
The victim advised he heard two gun shots followed by two more. BBPD units responded to the area; nothing of evidentiary value was found during a canvass of the area.
16-038695 Failed to Stop/Officer 400 W. Boynton Beach Blvd. 21:58 hours
While on patrol, Officer Castro observed a Black, 4 Dr. Mercedes bearing Fl Reg 688QBR traverse the roadway of North Seacrest Blvd westbound from NE 6th Avenue to NW 6th Avenue causing him to abruptly brake in order to avoid striking the passenger side of the Mercedes. As Officer Castro attempted to affect a stop on the vehicle, the vehicle continued to proceed towards I95 while failing to stop for the officer. The stop was terminated as the vehicle continued south of our city limits.
16-038500 0456 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 20 Southern Cross Circle
Victim stated that sometime between 1330 hours on 07/11/16, and 0445 hours on 07/12/16, an unknown person entered into his unsecured 1997 Ford Explorer (FL tag 352RKR) and stole approx. $10.00 in loose change. The center console and glove compartment were both open, and the contents were strewn across the seat and floor.
16-038519 0833 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 21 Southern Cross Circle
Victim stated that sometime between 2330 hours on 07/11/16, and 0830 hours on 07/12/16, an unknown person entered her unsecured 2007 Toyota Corolla (FL tag N940VZ) and stole a purse which contained her children’s Social Security Cards. The glove compartment was open and the contents thrown on the seat and floor.
16-038521 0854 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 20 Southern Cross Circle
Officers checking the parking lot of the Clipper Cove Apartments observed a blue 1999 Toyota Corolla with FL tag GLUP85 with the radio removed from the dashboard and sitting on the driver seat. A key was found left in the trunk keyhole. The vehicle owner/victim stated that her radio was intact when she parked her vehicle last night at approximately 2100 hours, and that the car doors were locked. Taken from within the vehicle was a black iPod Nano valued at approximately $150.00. Damage to the radio was estimated at approximately $100.00. Total loss estimated at approximately $250.
16-038503 0601hrs Auto Theft 415 Chapel Hill Blvd
Victim stated that sometime between 0445 hrs and 0515 hrs on 7/12/16 someone took her 2010 Honda Accord bearing PA tag HXE6419 from her driveway. Anna was in possession of the vehicle keys. Inside of her vehicle was a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, a car seat base, and a craftsman tool set. Estimated loss of $600.
16-038508 0607hrs Auto Theft 534 Chapel Hill Blvd
Victim stated that sometime between 0100 hrs to 0400 hrs someone took her unsecured 2008 Kia Optima bearing FL tag I497IR from her driveway. She stated that there was a dog cart and seat inside of the vehicle valued at $100.