15-030397 1659 hrs. Burglary to Auto NE 3rd Ct
Sometime between 1900 hrs. on 07.04.15 and 0700 hrs. this date, an unknown person(2) entered into a 1996 Toyota and removed several items.
15-030442 2057 hrs. Warrant/Poss. Marijuana/Cocaine 300 N Federal Hwy
After receiving a tip that James Reed had an outstanding warrant, Officer Webster made contact with him at the above location. A search incident to arrest revealed that Reed was in possession of marijuana and crack/powder cocaine. He was transported to C.J.
15-030307 0805hrs Burglary (Auto)E. Atlantic Dr
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) entered her vehicle by smashing the rear window and rummaged through the glove compartment and center console.
15-030332 1009hrs Criminal Mischief/ Suspicious Incident 11 NE 17th Ave
Victim stated that they noticed a hole in the driver side rear panel of her vehicle. The damage appeared to be from a bullet, no projectile was located.
15-030349 1118hrs Burglary (Auto) Misty Laurel Cir.
Victim stated that a subject entered his vehicle, damaged his center console and stole a flashlight from inside.
15-030356 1154hrs Retail Theft1500 SW 8th St
Steven Rosimini decided to steal a tool set, he was confronted by Loss Prevention and he decided to flee. He was located and positively identified. TOT PBCJ.
15-030371 1321hrs Robbery by Sudden Snatching 2301 SE 4th St
Victim stated that she was approached by “Haitian Wil” while in the parking lot. She stated that he stole her cell phone and a $20 bill.