15-026554 1852 hrs. Unregistered Motor Vehicle/Reckless/DWLS SR 804/CR 807
Officer Monteith arrested Kerry Larkin after he was found to have driven recklessly. A system check revealed that the vehicle he was driving was unregistered and that his D/L was suspended.
15-026492 Burglary/Agg. Assault LEO 0533hrs 2180 N. Seacrest Blvd.
Units responded to the residence in reference to a burglary in progress, the suspect, David Ares-Santiago, was located at the residence. Suspect decided to take a fighting stance and physically confront Ofc. Jeanniton. The idea did not work as planned for the suspect, Ofc. Jeanniton executed a fast as lightening roundhouse kick to the suspect’s upper body which resulted in the apprehension of the suspect without further incident. Search incident to arrest revealed drug paraphernalia, as well as a box cutter on his person.
15-026400 1558 hrs. Robbery 409 NE 12th Ave.
Victim was in the area attempting to negotiate a vehicle sale. Victim was dealing with a b/f and b/m. During the course of the transaction, the b/m punched the victim in the back of the head and stole his wallet. Suspect described as a b/m wearing a white shirt, blue sweat pants, and a black do-rag. Total loss $300.
15-026422 Drug arrest 419 SW 4th Ave.
Officer Garofalo responded to an alarm call and upon arriving encountered a suspicious vehicle. Upon making contact with the vehicle’s occupant, said subject was found to have a revoked license. Subsequent to arrest he was found to possession cocaine. DEF was processed and later TOT’d PBCJ.
15-26366 Burglary Auto SW 3rd Ave
Victim advised between 1900hrs last night and 1030hrs this morning an unknown person/s entered into her vehicle and took approximately $71 worth of personal items.
15-26377 Burglary residence N. Montery Cir
Victim advised between 0730 and 1130hrs this morning an unknown person/s entered the residence and took approximately $800 of personal items and $975 cash.
15-026269 1831 hrs. Recovery Stolen Auto1901 NW 1st St.
A black Ford Explorer bearing FL tag U944FN was recovered at the above location. The vehicle was reported stolen from Delray Beach.
15-026309 2322 hrs. Poss of Marijuana < 20 grams 300 N Congress Ave.
Officer Worrell conducted a traffic stop on a Dodge at the above location. Through investigation, the driver Juan Aguilar was found to be in possession of marijuana less than 20 grams. He was issued an N.T.A.
15-026322 0053 hrs. Poss. of Marijuana < 20 grams 2703 S Federal Hwy. (Loraine Motel)
Officer N. Davis conducted a traffic stop and as a result, the driver was in possession of marijuana less than 20 grams. He was issued an N.T.A.
15-26205 Burglary Attempt Country Lake Cir
Victim advised that he walked out this morning to find his girlfriend’s vehicle had been ransacked. He then proceeded to check his video camera and he saw a b/m no other description looking in his back window and then proceeded to pull on the back door handle. Nothing was taken.
15-26211 Burglary SW 1st Ave
Victim advised that between 0945 and 1200hrs an unknown persons entered the residence and removed approximately $2,300 worth of belongings.
15-26223 Burglary Auto NW 3rd St
Victim advised between 0100 and 0345hrs an unknown person/s entered her two vehicles parked in her driveway and removed approximately $20 dollars.