17032529 2246 hours Shots Fired 1005 N. Seacrest Blvd. (Z Mart)
Officers responded to the above address and determined that two individuals exchanged gunfire on the south side of the business. There were no indications that either suspect was injured. Crime Scene responded and recovered shell casings and video. No witnesses could be located.
The platoon responded to 1 non-fatal overdose during the course of the shift.
Selective traffic enforcement was conducted in the area of Gateway and Congress.
17-032394 0813 hours Overdose Not-Fatal 480 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
On 6/11/17 at approximately 0740hrs Officers responded to The Boynton Inn in reference to W/M was unconscious with agonal breathing from an overdose. He was immediately injection with an Evzio Naloxone HCI USP 0.4mg auto-injector to help improve his breathing. BBFR arrived on scene and transported him to Bethesda hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.
17-0323 0851 hours Burglary Attempt (Business) 3300 S Congress Avenue
On 6/11/17 at approximately 0851 hours Officers responded to the above business (Fastenal Company) in reference to an attempted burglary. The owner stated that an unknown suspect(s) attempted to burglarize his business by using what is believe to be a pry-bar to pry the bay doors open. He stated that the suspect(s) were unable to gain entry, but caused damage to the bay’s lower interior ‘sliders’. The sliders are metal latches and that secure the bay doors and keep them from being forced opened.
17-032273 1723 hours Battery LEO/Disorderly Conduct 600 E. Ocean Avenue.
Officers made contact with w/m Israel Colon who was obviously intoxicated. Through further investigation Colon was placed under arrest for Disorderly Intox. Upon being placed into Donnino’s vehicle-Colon became belligerent and began hitting his head against the window. While attempting to hobble Colon based on his behavior; Officer Donnino, was kicked in the chin by the defendant. Officer Donnino was not injured during the arrest. Colon suffered a laceration to the top of his head as a result him smashing his head against the window he also had a very superficial scratch to his left wrist.
The platoon conducted 1 saturation patrol on S. Federal Highway and numerous selective enforcements resulting in 37 traffic stops.
The platoon made several COV arrests in the area of EZ Mart.
The platoon responded to 1 non-fatal overdose during the course of the shift.
17-032187 0735 hours Overdose Non-fatal 1061 NW 5th Street
17-032188 0815 hours Recovered Stolen Auto 200 W Boynton Beach Blvd
Officers responded to the area after several callers and victims advised Dispatch that a white Mercedes had struck their vehicles and then crashed into a tree. The driver fled on foot in an unknown direction. The 2013 Mercedes C250 bearing FL tag 8682UU had been reported stolen from PBSO jurisdiction. The accident report was filed under case #17-032183.
17-032199 0938 hours Burglary (Auto) 709 Buttonwood Lane
Victim reported that between 2030 hours on 06-10-17 and 0930 hours this dated unknown person(s) entered his unlocked black 2006 Mercedes E350 bearing FL tag M955IS. Once inside the unknown suspect(s) stole a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses ($300) from the center console.
17-032214 1111 hours Accidental Injury 1901 N Seacrest Blvd
Officers responded in reference to a golf cart tipping over on the football field. As it was tipping over, passenger b/m Wilson, Quentin T DOB 02/02/89 instinctively placed his arm outside the cart which caused his arm to fracture at the wrist. Wilson was transported to Bethesda for treatment.
17-032227 1158 hours Armed Robbery (Knife) 301 N Federal Hwy
CVS store manager advised that he observed b/m conceal two Conair hair clippers ($39 each) under his shirt. Suspect then left the store without making an effort to pay for the merchandise. The manager followed him west through the parking lot and attempting to retain the store property when the suspect pulled a knife from his backpack and threatened the manager while stating, “keep coming motherf*cker”. The manger contacted police who were able to locate the suspect and arrest him. The clippers were recovered.
17032052 1410 hours Grand Theft/Distraction Theft Act 2001 SW 17th Street
Victim stated that a man entered her residence under the premise of fixing her roof. The 88 year old disabled victim called a neighbor when she believed she was being scammed. Numerous neighbors saw the suspect flee. The suspect was described as a very thin Middle Eastern or Hispanic male in his mid-twenties with a pencil thin beard along his jaw line. The suspect was last seen driving a dark blue or black colored Ford F-150 with red trim around the wheel wells. Victim advised that all of her jewelry was taken.
17032075 1814 hours Burglary Auto 1041 Fosters Mill Road.
Victim stated that unknown suspects entered his un-secured vehicle and took approximately 100 dollars from his wallet. The victim estimated the time of the incident was between 1100 and 1630 hours.
17032132 2142 hours House Party / Resisting / Possession 695 NE 15th Pl
Officers responded in reference to multiple calls of a house party. Officers arrived in the area and observed an estimated 500 teenagers and young adults flowing from inside the residence into the city street. Officers were able to shut down the house party; however, the group moved into the empty shopping plazas located at NE 15th and Federal Hwy. Once officers organized, verbal commands were given over loudspeakers for the crowd to disperse. Contact was made with b/m D’Anthony Jordan dob 12/16/1997 who refused to vacate the premises. Upon advising that he was under arrest, he pulled away from officers’ grip and fled on foot. Officers pursued and located him attempting to conceal himself in some bushes. He refused to comply with verbal commands and physical force had to be used to remove him from the shrubbery and place him under arrest. Search incident to arrest of his person yielded packaged marijuana and other paraphernalia. He was processed and lodged at PBCJ.
17023138 2308 hours Shooting in Occupied Dwelling 270 NW 14th Avenue.
Victim stated a bullet struck her occupied residence. Officer located 2 bullet holes in the residence and the vehicle outside. Crime scene responded and recovered two .45 bullets in and near the residence and two casings approximately 200 feet away on NW 3rd Street.
The platoon responded to 2 non-fatal overdoses during the course of the shift.
Extra patrols conducted at Briny Breezes yielded multiple parking violations having to be issued.
17-031979 0555 hours Stolen Auto 1110 Fosters Mill Road
Victim reported that between 1900 hours last night and 0530 hours this date unknown person(s) stole her silver 2008 Toyota Camry LE bearing FL tag 574RII. Victim advised the car was left unlocked and the keys were in the center console. The car was entered into FCIC/NCIC.
17-031984 0657 hours Burglary (auto) 348 Lake Monterey Circle
Victim reported that between 2030 hours last night and 0630 hours this date unknown subject(s) entered his unlocked black 2015 Dodge Journey bearing FL tag ABI3. Once inside the unknown suspect(s) stole a Crown Royal bag containing $20 in US coins. The unknown suspect(s) also rummaged through his black 2013 Chevy Equinox which was left unlocked as well.
17-031990 0821 hours Burglary (auto) 510 Industrial Avenue
Victim reported that between 0800 hours and 1000 hours unknown person(s) entered his unlocked Comcast truck. The truck is a white 2011 Ford F-150 bearing FL tag CVQJ31. Once inside the unknown suspect(s) stole a Jdsu Digital Service Activation Meter (DSAM) valued at $5,000 from the truck.
17-032005 0922 hours Stolen Auto 7995 Clementine Drive
Victim reported that between 2345 hours last night and 0900 hours this date unknown person(s) stole his silver 2004 Lexus RX330 bearing FL tag Y07CSQ. The SUV was entered into FCIC/NCIC.
17-032022 1032 hours Burglary (auto) 1106 Fosters Mill Road
Victim reported that between 2130 hours and 0700 hours this date unknown subject(s) entered his unlocked grey 2017 Chevy Equinox bearing FL tag HVXN20. Once inside the unknown suspect(s) stole an Apple MacBook ($1100), an Apple IPod ($250), and a set of Beats earbuds ($75).
17-032026 1043 hours Burglary (auto) 4351 Star Ruby Boulevard
Victim reported that at 0342 hours this date she observed a thin built white male wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt and dark shorts enter her unlocked black 2015 Honda Pilot bearing FL tag X566ZE. The unknown male exited her SUV with an unknown item, and then proceeded to pull on the handles of her other two vehicles (gray 2012 Honda Accord and a white 2014 Jaguar XJ) which were both locked. Victim had the incident documented on video surveillance.