15-11176 2206 Trespassing on School grounds 1203 N. Seacrest BlvdS
chool Board Police advised that they were watching the subject walk through the school on the north side of the school via video surveillance; they advised that the subject was walking near or around the cafeteria. School board Police were unable to advise if the subject was going into classrooms or disturbing any property inside. Approximately 10 minutes into the K9 search, Ofc.Haugh, who was on a perimeter position on the south side of the school advised he located a black male wearing a gray shirt and black shorts as previously described by school board Police, lying on the ground on the south side of the building. Officers proceeded to the suspect’s location (later identified as Darrol Farrington). Farrignton complied with Police Officers orders and was placed into handcuffs Farrignton spontaneously uttered while walking back to the Police vehicle ” I was just bored and had nothing to do, so I walked around inside of the school. Farrington had no other property on his person besides his cell phone and a lighter. Farrington stated that he did not enter any of the classrooms or disturb any property inside, and that the door he used to gain entry to the school was propped open upon his arrival. During the K9 track inside the school, Officers did not observe any signs of forced entry into the classrooms or any signs of ransacking inside the school. the school’s representative arrived on scene and conducted a walk through inside of the school, who advised that she did not observe any property to be missing or damaged inside of the school. The school representative stated that all the property appeared to be in the same order as it was left earlier in the day. Farrington was charged with Trespassing upon school grounds.
15-11165 2040 Lewd Lascivious 3625 S. Federal Hwy
Victim advised she observed a w/m (later identified as Brandon Knaack) in front of the business showing his penis to a girlfriend of his and as she drove by the victim stated that she was able to see his penis. Officers made contact with Knaack after the victim pointed him out. Post Miranda, he admitted to pulling his penis out of his pants in preparation to urinate. He claims he accidently exposed himself and that he was not a “pervert.” Knaack was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs.
15-011123 1445hrs Burglary Delayed 914 NW 10th Ave
Sometime between 03-14-15 at 0900hrs and today at 1430hrs, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s home by smashing out the back window. Subjects ransacked the home and took an IPad without her permission. Total Loss $500.