18-013044 Aggravated Battery Miner Rd / Seacrest Blvd 2225 hours
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a disturbance. Officers met with the caller who claimed to be the victim of a battery. The caller said he was walking along the sidewalk when a passing vehicle slowed down next to him. The caller recognized the driver as his girlfriend’s former boyfriend who immediately engaged the caller into an argument. After exchanging verbal insults, the driver steered onto the sidewalk and struck the caller’s left thigh with the vehicle. The caller was not injured. Investigation is ongoing.
18-013049 Shooting Into Occ. Res. 915 SW 3rd St 2350 hours
Officers responded to the report of shots fired at the above residence. Upon arrival, Officers discovered evidence of a shooting. There multiple shell casing in the roadway and the above residence was struck numerous times. No residents were injured and there were no witnesses to the shooting. The shell casings were collected and entered into Evidence.
18-013053 Susp. Inc. Shots Fired Betty Thomas Prk -2882 SE 2nd St 0030 hours
Officers responded to the above address in reference to shots being fired in the area. Officers searched the area and did not discover any evidence of a shooting. Officers notified nearby hospitals and requested to be contacted if anyone was to walk in with injuries related to gunshots.
18-013059 Affray – Disorderly Cond. 901 N. Congress Ave 0210 hours
Officers responded to what was initially thought to be a road rage incident. Officers discovered, via independent witness interviews, that three females were engaged in a brawl in the parking lot of AliBaba (901 N. Congress Ave). Following the officers investigation, all three females were arrested for Affray and Disorderly Conduct.
18-012833 Reckless Display of Weapons 504 E. Woolbright Rd 1819 hrs
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a suspicious incident. Officers met with two independent witnesses who claimed that w/m Luis A. Reyes was waving around two large knifes in the parking lot of the plaza. After investigating the allegation, Officers developed probable cause for the arrest of Reyes. Officers also recovered two large butcher knifes from Reyes. Reyes was processed at BBPD and was later turned over to the PBCJ.
18-012866 Reckless Display of a Firearm SW 26th Ave 2122 hrs
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a male waving a gun. Upon arrival, the caller directed officers towards an elderly male near the intersection of SW 11th St and SW 26th Ave. The elderly man was carrying a rifle in his left hand. When the male saw the officers vehicles, the male took a few steps towards the officers and screamed “shoot me, shoot me” multiple times at the officers. The male then turned around with the rifle in hand and walked eastbound away from the officers. Officers ordered the male to drop the rifle multiple times. The male ignored the officers orders and continued to walk eastbound on SW 26th Ave. The armed man then entered a nearby residence which was later determined to be his own home. An HNT and SWAT call-out was initiated as officers held a perimeter around the residence. At one point, the male came to the front door and placed a rifle on the ground outside of the door. The elderly male eventually came out of the residence unarmed as members of SWAT arrived at the scene. The male was taken into custody outside of the residence without incident. Multiple rifles and other firearms were removed from the residence for temporary safekeeping. The elderly male was charged with reckless display of a firearm and was turned over to the PBCJ under a Baker Act.
18-012891 Disorderly Intoxication 101 W. Woolbright Rd 0123 hrs
Officers responded to 7-Eleven in reference to a disturbance. Officers discovered that w/m Edward T. Wilcox 4/19/91 “chugged” some beers from the store’s coolers without having the means to pay for them. An old acquaintance who happened to enter the store during the incident decided to pay for the consumed alcoholic beverages. Wilcox was then given a ride home by another male. On his home, Wilcox decided to exit the vehicle in the traffic lanes of I-95 north of Woolbright Rd in order to hitchhike for another ride. Wilcox was subsequently arrested by BBPD officers and later turned over to the PBCJ.
18-12791 1351 hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal) 500 E. Woolbright Rd. (Boynton Diner)
A 36 yoa male was found unconscious outside by a patron and they administered Narcan. The subject later admitted to using Heroin earlier in the day, but denied that he used just before his overdose and denied that a capsule of Heroin found near him was his. Subject is recovering at B.M.H.
18-12807 1510 hrs Narcotic and Warrant Arrest 2600 S. Federal Hwy. (Jaycee Park)
B/F, Latonya M. Clark, 02/05/71, was arrested by Ofc. Borrero after investigation revealed she had a warrant for her arrest reference Trespassing and had in her possession a small amount of marijuana. TOT PBCJ
18-12740 Auto Burglary 2117 NE 4th ST 0700 hours
Victim reports their 2002 Ford F150 was broken into between 03-02-18 2000 and 03-03-18 0700 by breaking the driver’s window. Yellow chainsaw stolen.
18-12746 Accidental Injury 4655 N Ocean Blvd 0821 hours
Units responded to the above location in reference to a 10 year old child being bitten by a shark. Units arrived on scene and were able to determine that it was NOT a shark bite and that the boy’s surfboard had caused the injury. Child was transported to Delray Medical Center where he will have to undergo surgery. Case handled by Marine Unit.
18-012680 Child Abuse x2 540 NW 10th Ave 1707 hrs
Officers arrested B/M Tyrus T. Hardimon 11/30/92 following a thorough investigation into an alleged battery investigation. It was learned that Hardimon offered cigarettes to 2 neighborhood’s children (10 y.o.a.) who were strangers to Hardimon. When the children refused to accept cigarettes from Hardimon, Hardimon decided to slap the children on their faces. Officers tracked down Hardimon who was positively identified by the children via a show-up. Hardimon was turned over to the Palm Beach county Jail.
18-12541 Suspicious Incident 1000 N. Seacrest Blvd. 0540 hours
W/M reported that he was at 1000 N. Seacrest Blvd. when an unknown B/M came up to his vehicle and asked “what you got?.” Victim states that he then exited his vehicle and “boxed” the B/M for about 15 minutes in the parking lot. After that the suspect and victim had a few drinks together and then the B/M pulled a gun on him and robbed him. Victim had no injuries and could provide no other information.
18-12539 Possession of Marijuana <20 1500 Corporate Drive 0542 hours Ofc. Dominguez arrested W/M Alexander Cintron for poss. Of marijuana under 20 after a traffic stop. Subject released with an NTA. 18-12550 Burglary Auto 1319 N. Federal Hwy U-Haul 0653 hours U-Haul truck broken into between 0200-0400 by breaking out a window. Battery stolen. No suspect info/video/crime scene. 18-12568 Indecent Exposure 100 E. Boynton Beach Blvd. 0829 hours B/M Cedric Dames was arrested for indecent exposure after he was observed by a city worker drop his pants and defecate on City Hall property. Dames was TOT PBCJ. 18-012493 Burglary-Residence 451 W. Ocean Ave 2042 hours Victim advised that between the 1800 and 2030 hours someone had removed three window panels and screen from the west side of the residence. Several items were moved around but were unable to determine if anything was missing. 18-012505 Auto Burglary 2760 S Evergreen Cir 2155 hours Victim advised someone had entered her unsecured vehicle and removed a toolbox valued at $150.