16-28812 0851 hours Burglary Auto W. Boynton Beach Blvd 11-208
At 1230hrs, victim checked her video and noticed that a w/m, which walks with a limp, entered her unlocked vehicle without her permission and took her tote bag and $2.50 in coins.
16-28831 0930 hours Burglary Residence Eastgate Drive
Sometime between 05-17-16 at 2100hrs and 05-22-16 at 2100hrs, someone stole $2375 worth of jewelry from the victim’s dresser. Victim suspects 2 employees from the nursing agency which comes in and provides services.
16-28855 1211 hours Burglary Residence Forced Stonehaven Drive Sometime between 0730hrs and 1205hrs today, unknown suspect pried opened victim’s sliding door and ransacked the apartment. Suspects took cash and jewelry without her permission.