15-023364 1717 hrs. Auto Burglary 2671 N Seacrest Blvd.
Sometime between 05.25.15 and 0630 hrs. on 05.26.15, an unknown person entered into an unlocked Chevy Malibu removing several items.
15-023370 1827 hrs. Agg. Battery 415 NW 2nd St.
Victim was cut during an argument with a broken bottle. He was extremely uncooperative during the investigation and also refused to sign a refusal to prosecute form.
15-023408 2211 hrs. Homicide 420 NW 3rd Ave.
The suspect knocked on the door of the above residence. After the victim came to the door, he was shot in the face. The suspect then fled east bound. He is described as wearing all black clothing. FD responded and took the victim to Delray Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. Investigation ongoing.
15-23274 0405hrs R/A Without Violence 222 SE 4th Ave
While Officers were investigating a disturbance at this location W/M Bria, Matthew refused to let officers properly conduct this investigation. Bria, who was one of the parties involved continued to interfere while the officers were trying to speak to the other party involved W/F Siljkovic, Belmira. As the officers were trying to speak with Siljkovic, Bria became agitated and started yelling profanities at Siljkovic. Officer Joseph tried to separate Bria from Siljkovic and calm him down however Bria did not comply and continued to obstruct the investigation. After several attempts to calm Bria down and separate him away from Siljkovic Bria still refused to let the officers conduct their investigation therefore, Officer Garofalo attempted to place Bria under arrest, but when he did Bria began to actively resist his efforts and Officer Joseph had to deploy his Taser which did get Bria to comply. Bria was TOT PBCJ.