15-54499 1838hrs Burglary to Residence NW 14th Ave
Victim stated that she left for work at about 1000 hours this morning and at approximately 1810 hours her neighbor found her dogs running loose in the neighborhood and called her to let her know. Victim came home noticed two panels from her backyard fence were taken down and $150 worth of miscellaneous gardening tools were missing. It should further be noted that the suspects did not attempt or make entry to the interior of the residence.
15-54565 2259hrs Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell 1300 N. Seacrest Blvd
Officer Webster conducted a traffic stop for a traffic violation at the 1300 block of N. Seacrest, Officer made contact with the driver B/M Debrosse, Pierre DOB 12-15-80. Upon making contact with Pierre, Officer Webster could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officer Webster asked Pierre if there was anything in the vehicle where Pierre replied yeah I got weed. Officer Webster recovered 31 grams of marijuana from the vehicle some of which was individually packaged in small plastic baggies. Officer Webster placed Pierre under arrest and he was TOT PBCJ.
15-54569 2321hrs Possession of Marijuana 848 NW 13th Ave
Officer Grigorian made contact with a suspicious vehicle that was located in the park after hours. Officer Grigorian made contact with occupant W/F Scott, Camryn DOB 05-19-97 who he observed smoking marijuana. Officer Grigorian placed Scott under arrest for 1.8 grams of marijuana. Scott was released with an N.T.A.
Units Conducted Selective Traffic Enforcement at 3200 Old Boynton Rd 8 Citations issued
15-054416 1100 hours Burglary Fenced Compound (Delayed) N.E. 3rd Street
Victim advised that sometime between 1930hrs on 11-10-15 and 0830hrs this morning unknown suspect(s) knocked down a portion of his chain-linked fence and stole his blue Coleman model 5500 generator.
15-054295 Theft of Firearm – Delayed NW 10th Street
Officers met with W/M Robert Destefano, who reported that someone stole his nickel-colored Raven P-25 .25 caliber firearm (serial #680316).
15-054338 Strong Armed Robbery 1575 SW 8th Street
Officers made contact with victim, who stated that he was approached by three unidentified B/M’s (described as being in their late teens – one of the suspects had a Mohawk style haircut); who began to kick and punch him in the facial area. After he fell to the ground, the unidentified B/M’s went through his pants pockets and stole his personal affects. As the unidentified B/M’s fled northbound; they stole parts from his bicycle.
15-054375 Strong Armed Robbery 300 block of N. Federal Highway
Officers made contact with victim, who stated that three unidentified B/M’s (described as “younger black males – possibly in their twenties”) approached him from behind and then pushed him to the ground. After he fell to the ground, the unidentified B/M’s demanded money and his backpack. After he handed over his backpack w/ contents, the unidentified B/M’s were last seen running westbound. It’s quite possible that the suspects in this incident are the same as in incident 15-054338. Investigation ongoing.
15-54221 0749 hours Stolen License Plate 801 N. Congress Ave.
Victim reported FL tag # EKSC38 was stolen while she was parked at the Mall on 11/09/2015. No suspect information. Entered into FCIC/NCIC.
15-54222 0751 hours Burglary Fenced Compound 1500 High Ridge Rd.
East Coast Mechanical reported an unknown person cut a hole in the fence located at the northeast side, then disassembled the front end of a 2008 Ford E-150 Van. The van hood, fenders, front bumper, and headlights were stolen. Incident occurred between 1950 hours last night and this morning. Video surveillance cameras exist for the business but not accessible at this time.
15-54225 0755 hours Burglary Auto 1475 W. Gateway Blvd.
Victim advised unknown person removed and took the rear tailgate of his white Ford F350 truck between 11/09 at 1800 hours and this morning.
15-54234 0852 hours Burglary Auto 313 SW 4th St.
Victim advised unknown person removed two pieced of lawn maintenance equipment from his unlocked vehicle between 0000 hours and this morning.
15-54239 0948 hours Stolen Auto SW 7th St.
Victim reported someone stole their 2004 silver Lincoln Navigator with FL tag # CCDB63, which was left at the residence between 11/09 at 2200 and this morning. Victim stated they may have accidentally left the keys in the unsecured vehicle. Vehicle entered FCIC/NCIC.