18-061698 2039 hours Accident (Serious Bodily Injuries)Ocean Ave. & Federal Hwy.
Officers were dispatched to a suspicious incident (ref. CAD# 18-095846) involving a suspect, armed with an AK-47, chasing the caller. While responding to said call BBPD vehicle was involved in a crash at the intersection of Ocean Ave. and Federal Hwy. Witnesses advised that the police vehicle was traveling northbound approaching the intersection when a black Chevy SUV turned left in front of the patrol car, striking the front driver side corner of the vehicle. Officer swerved to the right attempting to avoid the initial collision, subsequently striking the traffic light post at the northeast corner of the intersection. Officer was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the black Chevy was determined to be at fault in the crash and was cited.
18-061709 2114 hours Misuse of 911, Poss. Of Cocaine (Arrest) 2400 N. Seacrest Blvd.
BBPD Dispatch advised that the subject who’d called in the initial suspicious incident (ref. the above case) had continued calling 911 even after officers had met with him and determined that he did not in fact have an emergency. Once the scene of the crash was clear, officers responded back to the area of Gateway and Seacrest to BOLO for the subject. Contact was made with B/M Marcus Nowell (04/27/1987) in the middle of Seacrest Blvd. just north of Gateway. Nowell continued to claim that he was being chased by people with guns. He also admitted to having ingested “mollie.” Nowell was taken into custody ref. Misuse of 911 (false report). A search incident to arrest yielded “crack” cocaine and Xanax in his front left pocket. He was transported to BBPD, processed and tot PBCJ.
18-61557 GTA 204 Elm Way 0850 hours
Victim reported that his 2018 Hyundai Genesis G80 was stolen from his driveway 1730 yesterday and 0845 hours this date. Victim believes vehicle was unlocked and had a spare key inside. At approximately 1045 hours, we received a call from a tracking company advising the vehicle was traveling north on Federal Hwy. Units responded to the area and had the tracking company slow the vehicle. At about the 2500 block of N. Federal Hwy. 3 B/M subjects bailed from the vehicle. 2 out of 3 of the suspects (driver and passenger) were taken into custody. Driver was B/M Jackson, Jerimiah 11-13-02 and rear passenger B/M Pericles, I’res 08-18-03. One subject sustained injuries when they bailed out of the vehicle and was treated at Bethesda.