15-52953 1727hrs Disorderly Intoxication 1500 W. Gateway Blvd (Hurricane Grill)
Officers met with manger who stated a white male later to be known as Thomas Hennick (D.O.B. 07-05-58) was causing a disturbance at the bar. The manager stated she observed Hennick sitting at the bar, and observed Hennick appeared to be impaired/intoxicated by the way he was acting. The manager stated Hennick was being belligerent with other patrons, and was slurring his speech. Then the manager advised she observed Hennick fall off of his barstool onto the floor. Hennick was screaming/yelling that someone hurt his wrist and he could not get up off the ground. Hennick kept yelling/screaming and officers told Hennick multiple times to stand up, however he refused. Hennick was making a scene in the establishment therefore he was placed under arrest for disorderly intoxication. Hennick was taken to Bethesda for medical clearance due to his wrist pain. It was determined that Hennick had a broken wrist. Hennick was treated and medically cleared where he was then TOT PBCJ.
15-52979 1852hrs Loitering/Prowling Valencia Ave
Officers responded to the area of Renaissance Commons, in reference to 3 B/M’s looking into parked cars with a flashlight. Detective Montoya made contact with the males in 1800 block of Valencia Avenue. Upon sight of Detective Montoya, the three males fled on foot in a northern direction. A short time later, two of the three suspects (13 year old and 14 year old males) were located nearby and detained by Det. Montoya. As Officer Dailey, arrived to the area, he observed a13 year old male walking along the street sweating profusely. The teen stated he was in the area with some friends and observed a black vehicle following them. After being followed for a short period of time, he and his friends became concerned and ran from the area. After investigation, it was determined that the subjects were loitering in the area and were placed under arrest and released to their parents.
15-052847 0648 hours Stolen Auto Tuscany Way.
Victim state that between 10-31-2015 and the present date unknown suspects removed his 2011 black Kawasaki Ninja 1000 bearing FL tag 1539LJ from the bottom floor of the community parking garage. The victim is possession of the key.
15-052929 1452 hours Child Neglect Arrest 4747 N. Congress Ave (Publix)
Officers responded to a child left in a vehicle in the parking lot. Officers made contact with the infant, who was sleeping in the back seat of a locked, air conditioned, vehicle. The mother Gladys Huiza was arrested for child neglect when she returned to her vehicle. TOT PBCJ.