18-057726 Throw Deadly Missile/OCC Dwelling 593 NE 19th Avenue 1543 hours
Victim stated sometime between Sunday 11-04-18 app 0830 hours and 11-06-18 app 1543 hours a window on the east side of the residence was damaged. Damage to the interior of the residence was consistent with some type of projectile possibly a bullet. No projectile was located and no suspect information.
18-57670 Strong Arm Robbery 415 E. BBB 0926 hours
Victim reports that in the parking lot of the coin laundry a B/M 20-25 YOA, short hair, clean shaven, wearing no shirt, black shorts, riding a black bicycle attempted to snatch her purse. When he was unsuccessful in doing that he snatched the victim’s cell phone out of her son’s hand and fled the area.