16-53746 1506 hours Accident/City Vehicle Wooldbright Rd/SR 9
Officers responded to a vehicle crash at the above location. The investigation revealed that a BBFD Tahoe failed to yield at the intersection and collided with a 2017 Toyota Camry. Two passengers in the Camry were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

16-53785 1926 hours Disorderly Conduct/Arrest 4746 N. Congress Ave
Raul Morales was arrested after an investigation revealed that he was causing a disturbance at Duffy’s Restaurant. Morales then chose to disregard instructions and resisted arrest. Morales was taken into custody and sent to the Palm Beach County Jail.

16-53644 0449 hours Burglary Auto 317 NE 10th Ave. #B
Unknown person entered unsecured vehicle between 09/26 at 1800 and 09/27 at 0449 hours, removing an identification card.

16-53661 0625 hours Burglary Auto 239 NE 12th Ave.
Unknown person entered unsecured vehicle between 09/27 at 0500 and 0600, removing a small amount of change.

16-53668 0753 hours Burglary Auto 117 NE 11th Ave.
Unknown person entered unsecured vehicle between 09/26 at 1900 and 09/27 at 0745, rifling through the vehicle. Nothing is missing.

16-53694 0926 hours Battery on Health Care x 2 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd.
W/F, Rhonda Snorek, 03/2/61, was arrested after the hospital reported her kicking and punching two nurses during her stay. Snorek TOT PBCJ.

16-53709 1109 hours Burglary Auto 718 NE 12th Ter. #7
Unknown person entered unsecured vehicle between 09/26 at 1900 and 09/27 at 1100, removing a coin bag with change.

16-53745 1440 hours Accidental Injury/Obstruction Arrest 1620 S. Federal Hwy.
Officers responded to the ICW behind Winn Dixie in response to an intoxicated female reported to have fallen in. Upon arrival, a female and male were found in the water underneath the overhanging seawall. Upon request for them to come up from the water, both subjects refused. The female, later identified as W/F, Lisa M. Reichle, 04/26/71, said she wasn’t going to comply and began to swim out into the middle of the channel, taunting officers to jump in and get her. She swam for several minutes until she swam back and exited the water. During this time, it was discovered that the male had fallen into the water and hit his head. The male was intoxicated and was unable to respond to verbal commands to assist in his rescue. Ocean Ridge P.D. responded on a boat and BBFR personnel entered the water and retrieved the male, whom had several lacerations on his body and head. He was later transported to BMH. Reichle attempted to interfere with the rescue operation after she was advised not to approach the immediate area, taking into consideration her intoxication and proximity of the steep fall to the waterway. Reichle was arrested and transported to BMH for medical clearance.