18-045977 Stolen Vehicle Tag 1621 NW 1st Ct 1832 hours
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a stolen tag. The officers met with the victim who reported his FL tag “DJerome” stolen. The victim said the tag was attached to his Lincoln Navigator and the victim was not sure when the tag got stolen.
18-046019 Agg. Assault Firearm NE 14th Ave 1336 hours
Officers responded to the above address and met with the caller who wanted to report a shooting. The caller said she witnessed a group of friends engaging in physical altercation. The altercation escalated when two males decided to start shooting at each other. The groups dispersed in various direction prior to officers arrival. Officers did not locate anyone who was involved in the fight or shooting. Officers also canvassed for physical evidence without success. The caller did not want to identify her friends by name or physical description. No victims were located. Area hospitals were alerted.
18-046034 Grand Theft Auto 503 SE 23rd Ave 0210 hours
Officers were dispatched to an auto theft incident. Officers met with the victim who reported his tan Saturn SW2 Hatchback. The vehicle was not registered, therefore no tag was assigned to the vehicle. The victim suspected her friend “Taylor” as the culprit. The victim said Taylor was having dinner at her place. When Taylor left, the victim’s keys and vehicle were missing. The victim did not have any additional info about Taylor.
18-45960 1638 hrs T.H.I. Accident 3625 S. Federal Hwy.
A motorcyclist lost control and fell from the motorcycle while in operation. BBFR deemed incident as trauma alert due to a head injury and was transported to Delray Hospital. THI and Crime Scene responded.
18-45857 Auto Burglary 1402 Meadows Cir W 0656 hours
Delayed overnight to a gray Toyota Tundra.
Numerous traffic enforcement details run throughout the city.