The Office of the Chief is comprised of the Internal Affairs Unit, Policy Development and Accreditation, Office of Media and Community Relations, Finance & Business Management Unit (Procurement, Grants, Alarms Management) and an Executive Officer who oversees special events, off-duty details and the agency’s fleet.

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within the agency by the impartial review of complaints generated within and outside of the agency.

The Policy Development and Accreditation Unit conducts and oversees staff inspections of all divisions, and provides for the ongoing review and update of the agency’s policies and procedures in accordance to Florida State Statutes and the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation. The Boynton Beach Police Department was first accredited in 2001, and has been reaccredited every years since. The agency earned the esteemed Excelsior status in October 2016.

The Office of Media and Community Relations is responsible for the providing the public and news media information in accordance with Florida Public Record Laws. The Public Information Officer also oversees the agency’s social media and coordinates community engagement events.

Crime Prevention is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing a variety of crime prevention strategies, safety and community relations programs for the department. The unit does Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys for businesses. They also run the Juvenile First Offender (JFO) Program to help reduce juvenile recidivism.

The Finance & Business Management Unit coordinates the department’s purchasing, accounts receivable, payroll and proper billing as it relates to alarm permitting and contractual services. In addition, this unit is responsible for asset forfeiture and identifying and managing grant opportunities to better serve the community. Finally, preparation and monitoring of the department’s budget are a major responsibility.

The Executive Officer is responsible for coordinating and managing the safety and security of the community at all special events hosted by the City of Boynton Beach. In addition, the Executive Officer oversees all off-duty contractual police services, and the ensuring the regular maintenance, repair and oversight over the agency’s fleet.