There are 15 Red-Light Camera systems installed at seven intersections throughout the City of Boynton Beach. The locations are as follows:

• Northwest 8th Street @West Boynton Beach Boulevard (southbound)
• Boynton Beach Boulevard @ North Seacrest Boulevard (eastbound)
• South Federal Highway @ Southeast 23rd Avenue (northbound & southbound)
• East Gateway Boulevard @ North Congress Avenue (northbound, southbound, eastbound & westbound)
• West Boynton Beach Boulevard/Northwest Second Avenue @ North Congress Avenue (northbound & eastbound)
• West Woolbright Road @ South Congress Avenue (northbound, southbound, eastbound & westbound)
• West Woolbright Road @ Southwest 8th Street/Corporate Drive (eastbound)

The goal of the Red-Light Camera Program is to improve the safety of our roadways for drivers, pedestrians and other roadway users by combating red-light running. Red-light cameras capture a vehicle’s data, including video and high-resolution images, if that vehicle crosses the stop bar after the signal has already turned red.
The fine for running a red light at an intersection where a red-light camera is installed is $158, with no points added to the driver’s record. Registered owners of the violating vehicles will receive a Notice of Violation in the mail and will have 60 days to respond by either paying the fine, requesting a hearing or submitting an affidavit naming another individual as the driver of the vehicle. Failure to respond to the Notice of Violation after 60 days will result in the issuance of a Uniform Traffic Citation, which can result in a fine of $264.
All images and video pertaining to violations can be viewed online before paying or contesting the citation at by inputting your citation number.

For more information about the Red Light Safety Camera Program, call 561-742-6820 or email