Incredible work by Officer Viscome led to the arrest yesterday of Robert Durkin, 61, who was in possession of numerous weapons as he crossed Congress Avenue earlier today. Durkin was openly carrying two stun guns and two large knives.
Officer Viscome asked Durkin if he had a firearm located on him. Durkin said the gun was inside his back pack. Officers searched the backpack but the gun was not there.
Durkin said, “Oh yeah, it’s in my pocket.” He was detained and Sgt. Antico removed a Walther PK 380 from Durkin’s left zippered pocket. Durkin does not have a CCW permit.
From afar, Durkin looked like a security guard or a law-enforcement officer. He was wearing a black shirt with military type patches on his shoulders, black tactical pants, brown combat boots, and a brown Velcro belt with numerous small pouches and an empty firearm holster. He could not explain why he was carrying the weapons, ammunition and OC spray.
He was charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Openly Carrying a Weapon. He remains in the PBC Jail.