Police continue to investigate the shooting death of a Boynton Beach man.
At this time, the shooter has been released from police custody pending further investigation. He is identified as Philorius Joseph, 32, of Delray Beach.
Joseph alleges that he shot Evan Herring, 28, in self-defense during an altercation in the Clipper Cove apartment complex at around 6:30 p.m. on Monday.
Detectives have determined that Joseph had just driven the mother of his children to her mother’s apartment on Southern Cross Circle, when Herring, who also has a child with her, engaged them in a confrontation.
Joseph told detectives that Herring has a history of being confrontational with him; it escalates every time they see each other, and he takes measures to avoid contact with him. Joseph said that Herring lunged at him and punched him in the face and then continued to take a fighting stance with him. Joseph said he recently had surgery and could not physically defend himself against Herring. Joseph said he could not run away because he feared that Herring would attack him from behind. Joseph said he feared for his safety and felt the only way he could defend himself was to use deadly force.
Following the shooting, Joseph remained on scene and immediately surrendered to arriving officers, even though witnesses on scene had encouraged him to run. Joseph has a valid license to carry a concealed weapon.
This is an ongoing investigation.