20-20670 SW 10th Ave Stolen Vehicle 2016 Hrs
Victim’s 2012 grey Nissan Maxima (FL-Z109KT) was stolen by an acquaintance (did not have complete pedigree information). Keys are with the vehicle, and it has been entered N/FCIC as stolen.
20-20568 0759 hrs Vandalism Auto Monterey Bay Dr.
Two tires were slashed.
20-20602 1212 hrs Stolen Tag SW 6th Ave.
FL tag #IP92UD stolen from a white Cadillac SRX.
20-20554 1300 W BB Blvd GTA Arrest 2122 Hrs
While running laser in the 1300 block of West Boynton Beach Blvd, Officers Alexis and Davis stopped a reported stolen vehicle out of PBSO jurisdiction for speeding, and took the driver into custody for GTA and DWLS. He was TOT the JAC, and the owner recovered the vehicle on scene.
20-20517 Carrabba’s Burglary Auto 2008 Hrs
Victim advised that suspect(s) had shattered the driver’s side window of their Nissan Rogue sometime within the prior hour to steal a wallet left in plain view in the center console.
20-20522 800 N Seacrest Reckless/ATV’s 2031 Hrs
Officers encountered a group of 8-10 dirt bikes and ATV’s driving through the area recklessly. Upon activation of emergency equipment, they scattered in various directions and did not form another large group during this shift.
20-20409 0623 hrs Vandalism Residence NE 10th Ave.
Unknown person broke a window of the residence while occupant was home. No entry made.
20-20456 0951 hrs Stolen Bicycle SE 2nd Ave.
Red/White women’s Schwinn Beach Cruiser stolen from carport by a suspect described as a black male, late teens/early 20’s, wearing a Nike hoodie, shorts, and flip flops.
20-20362 100 NW 10th Ave Narc. Trafficking 1956 Hrs
Subsequent to a traffic stop, Brenton Ramsey was found to be in possession of 122 capsules of suspected heroin. He was arrested for trafficking in heroin, and $1092.00 in cash, along with a 2018 Ford Mustang were seized pending Forfeiture. He was TOT the PBCJ.
20-20383 Sancastle Area Tornado 2330 Hrs
Officers responded to the Sancastle area (Washington/Brown) in reference to a verified tornado touchdown in the area. BBPD assisted PBSO and FD in an initial assessment of the damage before clearing the area having taken no enforcement action. Several houses were damaged, power lines were downed, and debris was strewn about the roadway. No report of injuries.
20-020260 Theft NE 12th Ave. 0749 hrs.
Suspect(s) stole property from a Habitat for Humanity construction home on 04/16 sometime between 1515 and 1530hrs.
20-020268 Criminal Mischief (Auto) Villa Cir. 0853hrs.
Suspect(s) punctured/ cut victim’s vehicle tires, as well as the spare tire.
20-020294 Trespass Structure 235 SW 6th Ave. 1205hrs.
Complainant discovered evidence of trespassing inside the Church.
20-020297 Assist BBFR 700 E. Woolbright Rd. 1222hrs.
Police Units assisted with traffic control at a gas line break. No issues noted, scene handled by BBFR.