19-070003 Burglary Residence Via Sofia 1655 hours
Officers were dispatched to a delayed burglary to the above address. The victim said she left her garage door open and an unknown person stole items from within her garage.
19-070091 Susp. Inc. Shots Fired 2240 N. Federal Hwy 0411 hours
Officers responded to the report of shots being fired at the above location. The officers searched the area for victims, witnesses, and physical evidence of a shooting. The officers did not locate any tangible proof of a shooting. Area hospitals were notified and requested to call police if any victims were to show up to their Emergency Room.
19-069934 1010 hours Burglary Auto NW 4th Ct.
Unknown person entered victim’s unsecured vehicle between 0050 and 0540 hours, removing a Canon camera.
19-069943 1043 hours Burglary Auto 538 E. Woolbright Rd.
Unknown person stole a backpack from a locker containing victim’s keys, between 0900 and 1030 hours. Victim then discovered the person then used the keys to gain access to his vehicle, removing a Louis Vuitton bag containing a debit card. The subject then attempted to use the card at Ocean Food Mart, but was turned away by the owner. Subject described as W/M with light brown hair wearing a white t-shirt.