20-1208 New Lake Dr Burglary Auto 1900 Hrs
Smith and Wesson Bodyguard handgun stolen from an unsecured vehicle within the past 24 hours. The interior was contaminated prior to officer arrival, and no crime scene was located.
20-1266 315 NW 10th Ave GTA Arrest 0244 Hrs
Officers stopped a stolen white Jeep they’d been looking for based upon LPR hits and arrested one adult male. He was TOT PBCJ, and the vehicle was returned to owner.
20-1088 Mayfair Ln Burglary Arrest 0219 Hrs
A report was taken yesterday for an auto burglary and firearm theft. After investigation and a subsequent interview with a suspect at PBSO tonight, Ofc. Cardenas arrested a juvenile suspect for burglary and grand theft of said firearm.
20-001096 Burglary (Auto) Crystal Key Way 0345hrs.
Caller observed suspects entering the victim’s unsecured vehicle and stealing property from within at approximately 0329 hrs. Caller decided to set off her car alarm to scare the suspects who fled the area before the caller notified Police.
20-001111 Burglary (Auto) New Lake Dr. 0754hrs.
Suspect(s) entered the victim’s unsecured vehicle and stole property from within.
20-001122 Overdose (Fatal) 520 SE 21stAve. 0921hrs.
20-001168 Obstruct Officer 1780 N. Congress Ave. 1334hrs.
While Officers were attempting to handle a traffic crash they were continuously interrupted by Robert Beche who continued to yell at the Officers and approach their location after being warned. Beche was arrested and issued a Notice to Appear.