19-060322 Attempted Robbery 1005 W. Gateway Blvd 1934 hours
Officers responded to the parking lot of Publix in reference to a robbery. Officers learned that 3 juveniles attempted to snatch a cell phone from the hands of an unsuspecting patron. The patron/victim said a young male approached her and struck her in the chest during the failed attempt at stealing the phone. The officers were able to locate the 3 suspects as they fled from the scene. The victim positively identified the suspects but the victim declined to go forward with any criminal charges. A field interview report was created for all 3 subjects.
19-060332 Overdose Non-Fatal 3501 N. Congress Ave 2052 hours
Officers responded to Fire Station 3 in regards to an overdose incident. The officers met with a male who brought his friend to the Fire Station in search of medical assistance. The male said he was driving from a nearby store when the friend began to experience the symptoms of a drug overdose. The male said he drove to the nearest fire station in order to help save his friend. BBFD Paramedics revived the unconscious friend prior to being transported to a hospital.
19-060337 Stolen Vehicle 408 NE 10th Ave 2113 hours
Officers were dispatched to the above address in regards to a stolen auto. The officers met with the caller who stated that an unknown person stole his 2005 black Ford Expedition (No Tag) from his backyard. The victim said the keys were not with the vehicle. There were no witnesses and/or suspect info available.
19-060350 Grand Theft Auto 153 NW 10th Ave 2336 hours
Officers responded to assist the Broward Sheriff’s Office that was following a stolen Kia Forte. The officers located the vehicle at the 100 block of NW 10th Ave where a felony stop was attempted. The driver and a passenger bailed out of the vehicle. The officers quickly apprehended the driver, who surrendered after running a short distance. The running passenger managed to elude capture. Officers also arrested a second passenger who remained in the vehicle. The two subjects were processed at BBPD and later t.o.t. County Jail.
19-060218 Traffic Crash (Serious Injury) Congress Ave and Miner Rd. 0629hrs.
Units responded to the intersection in reference to a vehicle vs. pedestrian crash. THI responded.
19-060222 Stolen Vehicle 3300 S. Congress Ave. 0725hrs.
Suspect stole 2016 Ford truck from the parking lot and moved it to a separate parking space where he proceeded to steal parts from the vehicle.
19-060224 Retail Theft (Felony) 1500 SW 8thSt. 0802hrs.
Review of security footage from 10/27/2019 revealed that a W/M suspect stole items from the store and fled without rendering payment.
19-060242 Suspicious Incident (Shots Fired) 1761 Banyan Creek Cir. N. 1019hrs.
Units responded to the area in reference to multiple calls of shots being fired in the area. No evidence was located and no witnesses to a shooting were located.