19-056358 1919 hours Shoplifting 1901 N. Congress Ave.
Officers responded to a shoplifting located at Kohls Department Store. W/M Brandon M. Dennis was subsequently charged with one count of misdemeanor retail theft and released with an NTA.
19-056268 Stolen Vehicle 2455 Quantum Blvd. 0800hrs.
2016 Cargo trailer, black in color, bearing Fl tag Y04BMU, was stolen from the parking lot.
19-056279 Stolen Tag 2800 High Ridge Rd. 0934hrs.
Fl tag IH52HT was stolen from victim’s vehicle.
19-056292 Stolen Tag 634 SW 1stSt. 1055hrs.
Fl tag GFQV88 was stolen from victim’s vehicle.
19-056300 Traffic Crash (THI) Lawrence at Gateway 1141hrs.
Multi-vehicle traffic crash with serious injuries. THI notified and roadway was shut down for investigation.
19-056325 Traffic Crash (THI) Lawrence at Gateway 1539hrs.
Two vehicle crash with serious injuries. THI notified, eastbound lanes shut down for investigation.
19-056183 Overdose Not-Fatal Mahogany Dr 1919 hours
Officers responded to a request for medical assistance at the above address. Upon arrival, the officers came across a 24 year old male who was in medical distress. The officers determined the male’s condition was the result of a drug overdose. The officers provided the appropriate medical aid until the arrival of BBFD Paramedics. The paramedics treated the male and subsequently transported the male to a local hospital where he’s expected to make a full recovery.
19-056192 Shooting / Acc. Damage S. Federal Hwy 2006 hours
Officers were dispatched to a shooting at the above location. The officers made contact with a hysterical resident who said he accidentally discharged his handgun. The resident explained that he was attempting to unload the firearm in his closed garage when he accidentally pulled the trigger. The projectile from the gun shattered his vehicle’s windows prior to being lodged in the garage’s concrete wall. The resident who was home alone at the time did not get hurt from the projectile or fragments. Officers checked on the next door neighbors and confirmed that no one was injured. BBFD Paramedics who responded to the scene were very instrumental in soothing the inconsolable resident.
19-56100 0933 hrs Retail Theft 532 E. Woolbright Rd., Crown Wine & Spirit
B/M stole 4 bottles of liquor and was last seen getting into the passenger side of a silver sedan, leaving the area.
19-56126 1203 hrs Disorderly Conduct/Trespass After Warning 333 N. Congress Ave.
B/M, Donald Willie, 03/13/64 arrested after he was found trespassing in Barnes and Noble, screaming loudly within and threatening people.
19-055983 Burglary to Auto 850 W. Gateway Blvd 1750 hours
Officers responded to a burglary to a vehicle in the parking lot of 7-Eleven. The officers met with the caller who stated that an unknown person stole her purse while she was pumping gas. The victim said she was at the gas pump when she heard her vehicle’s passenger door close. When the victim looked up, she saw a white vehicle take off at a high rate of speed. The victim later realized that her purse was missing from her front passenger seat. The suspect left a hat behind which was submitted into BBPD Evidence.
19-056032 Susp. Inc. Shots Fired 1817 Stonehaven Dr 2240 hours
Officers responded to the report of shots being fired near the above residence. Officers swarmed the area and searched for signs of a shooting. After speaking to witnesses, Officers later determined the noise to be that of fireworks.
19-056075 Susp. Inc. Shots Fired 127 NE 27thAve 0333 hours
Officers were on patrol in the above neighborhood when the heard multiple gun shots. Officers converged in the neighborhood and searched for victims and evidence of a shooting. Officers did not locate any physical evidence of a shooting, nor did officers locate any victims. Local hospitals were notified.
19-055924 1207 hrs Retail Theft 701 N. Congress Ave., MetroPCS
B/M wearing a baseball shirt, baseball cap, and Nike pants stole an Iphone from the business and was last seen driving a black Mercedes CLA250 towards Congress Ave.