Crime is down for the fourth straight year in the City of Boynton Beach, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s 2020 Annual Uniform Crime Report. Part 1 crimes totaled 2,317 – the lowest number reported in the city in the last 20 years.
The report shows that the total crime rate decreased by 28 percent in the city compared to 2019 and 64 percent compared to 2001.
Violent crime, which includes murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, decreased 8.5 percent. Property crime, which includes burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft, dropped by 32.2 percent. Florida’s total crime volume dropped 14.1 percent compared to 2019.
“This decrease speaks volumes to the focused efforts of all of our employees,” Police Chief Michael G. Gregory said. “Our approach is all-hands-on-deck, using a multitude of tactics and crime fighting strategies that are constantly evolving based on crime patterns.”
This is the fourth consecutive year the City of Boynton Beach saw a decrease in crime. In 2019, crime decreased by 8.6 percent; 2018 it dropped 8.4 percent and in 2017, it went down by 12 percent.
“Our intentional and strategic proactive measures, coupled with community partnerships and the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns, continued to drive down crime in our city,” Chief Gregory said.

Here are additional details about decreases in crime in the City of Boynton Beach for the year 2020.

  • Rape offenses dropped by 33.3 percent
  • Robbery offenses dropped by 12.5 percent
  • Aggravated assault offenses dropped by 5.6 percent
  • Burglary offenses dropped by 39.8 percent
  • Larceny offenses dropped by 31.6 percent
  • Motor Vehicle Theft offenses dropped by 20.3 percent

The entire 2020 Annual Uniform Crime Report, which includes county-by-county breakdowns, can be found on FDLE’s website at